CBR Music Director | Extreme Harmonica

Jeff grew up in Chicago, the home of the blues, and was brought up on artists like Little Walter, Corky Siegle, and Sonny Boy Williamson as well as bands like Yes, King Crimson and Cream. His passion for music inspired him to start the piano at an early age, an instrument he still plays and produces on. It was when he was 15 that he decided to take up the harmonica, and by 17 he had already gotten his first pro gig.

Through Corky Siegle, Jeff was introduced to Howard Levy, the man who would eventually teach Jeff how to play the traditional diatonic harmonica as a chromatic instrument. This opened up Jeff to the world of jazz, listening to such greats as Charlie Parker, Miles and Coltrane. His jazz and blues improvisation lead to touring the country with his friend and fellow musician, Tino Gonzalas. The tour landed Jeff in L.A. where he studied keyboard at the Dick Grove School of Music and jazz improvisation at the Music Institute (G.I.T.) In L.A. Hyper Harp performed with such legends as Bunny Brunnel (Chick Corea’s bass player), Scott Henderson (Chick, Joe Zowelnal and Tribal Tech guitarist), Jeff Andrews (Step Ahead bassist) and Jimmy Bruno (Jazz guitarist), along with many other renown players.

After L.A., Hyper returned to Chicago, performing blues, jazz, and expanding to electronic and jam-band genres. It was around 2001, when Jeff formed the Chicago Blue Revue, bringing together those great artists that have made Chicago the home of the blues. All of the main original members of the Chicago Blues Revue are together to this day, bringing their amazing assembly of talent to different venues and places, such as Germany.